Things you need to learn about PokDeng game for beginners

The card game known as Pok Deng is popular in Thailand. It is the most played together with your friends and families. If you are interested in their lifestyle then you need to learn to play the game. This is the most fun and easiest game for you to learn. This game is also available in เกมไพ่ป๊อกเด้ง

What is Pok Deng?

The game is also called Pok Kao. This card game is very popular in Thailand. Its main aim is to give a hand that has a one-digit that can defeat the dealer’s pairs, flushes, and three of a kind. The game can be played by 2 to 17 players that include the dealer.

How to play it?

Putting a bet is the first thing you need to do in playing Pok Deng. Using real money in playing the Pok Deng you need to ensure that you do it privately. It is because it is illegal in Thailand to gamble. But other locals are using bets as chips, candies, or drinks.

When everything is good the dealer will then shuffle the cards. Give two cards to each player and the dealer will be the last. The players can select to draw another card or stand it. Next is the dealer will need to differentiate their cards from other players. Once done the dealer will draw another card before they differentiate it again.

Preparation before playing

It says that playing Pok Deng can have 2 to 17 players. The advisable number of players must be 3 to 9. Before you start the game, the players need to choose the dealer. The players have the power to nominate the dealer to be the dealer at the end of the game or you can switch it.

The game is very short and fast to play which can last for seconds. You also prepare the bets using candies, chips, or drinks. The game is against the dealer not on the other players. The dealer has the choice of how to deliver the cards. It could be counterclockwise or clockwise. And there will be 2 face-down cards and the rest of the cards should be a draw pile.

Play the game

The play is following the order once the cards are given. Once the dealer gives the cards counterclockwise. The flow of the game must be counterclockwise as well. Each of the players will have their own turn. You can select to either draw or stand. And once the player chooses to draw. The player must get only one card on the top of the card pile. Letting every player have 3 cards on their hands at once.

The player’s starting hand must have 8 or 9 it has a pok. You must then announce it while showing the cards face up. Once it is already known as a good hand it is not allowed to get another more card.

There are some instances that the dealer has a pok. All the cards that the dealer is holding must be face up and it needs to compare it to the other player’s hand. Once the dealer has failed to secure it. The dealer will choose a player and show the cards and compare it to the other players. Before having another card and compare it to the other players once again.