No One Wager To Lose; Losing Is Unpleasant In Every Aspect Of Life

The gambling world is a fallacy; even knowing the house will win in the long run, gamblers plunge into betting, staking their hard-earned money. Most gamblers know there is more to lose than to win. But betting is exciting; it inherently motivates the brain to take a risk. The sensation of the thrill is inescapable. On the extreme side of the spectrum, when gamblers are extrinsically motivated, they stake to ply from the world of stress and anxiety. Additionally, there is always a tousled promise of a big win; getting something from nothing. Unfortunately, most gamblers are unaware of how gambling works and how quickly it can be addictive.


No one wager to lose; losing is unpleasant in every aspect of life. Most often, gamblers chase loss out of frustration of losing, than to enjoy a hearty moment of win. Other studies show women are more sensitive to losing, so they prefer private games like slots which are not that evident. Contrarily men prefer the game of skill where he has the elusive control over the outcome. Poker is a much sought after game by men where some skill element is present, but the obscured part is chance. The cognitive process of a false impression of control gives them a gratification to devise a strategy to beat the invincible.


Around ten million US gamblers suffer from gambling disorder.


The male standpoint of losing is completely different; even after squandering millions of dollars, they try to remain self-assertive, trying to hide the embarrassment and shame of losing. After a huge loss, men continue to gamble not for an exciting win but to recover the lost resource but get trapped in the quicksand in the process. Their clouded mind cannot comprehend how improbable is the yield. Loss chasing is the fanciful name of this trait and one f the major characteristics of compulsive gambling. 


Many juvenile and children are being exposed to gambling due to easy accessibility; one can log onto various online casinos and download gambling app. Gambling is easy like never before; people can wager privately from their computers and smartphones. Around ten million US gamblers suffer from a gambling disorder, but the feeling of stigma, feeling of guilt, shame, judgmental; financial reasons deter them from taking necessary aid. But as the gambling industry is expanding and maturing, many leading casino operators like mega88 are partaking in social activities to rehabilitate problem gamblers. These operators bear the social and corporate responsibility to treat and unshackling them from the control of gambling addiction.